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What is considered Extra-label Drug Use? | en Español

Extra Label Drug Use (ELDU or “Off-Label Use”) is any use of an FDA-approved drug that differs from instructions on the approved product label.

Seven Uses that are ELDU:

Any of the following drug uses constitutes ELDU in food-producing animal species:

  1. Administration to a different SPECIES or Animal Use Class than listed on the label
  2. Administration of a different DOSE than listed on the label
  3. Administration of a different VOLUME per injection site than listed on the label
  4. Administration via a different ROUTE than listed on the label
  5. Administration at a different INTERVAL (frequency) than listed on the label
  6. Administration for a different DURATION than what listed on the label
  7. Administration for a different INDICATION or purpose than listed on the label
More information on ELDU:
Requirements for ELDU
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ELDU and Withdrawal Time
Learn about human safety concerns with ELDU and the extended withdrawal interval.
Drugs and Drug Classes Prohibited from ELDU
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While ELDU in non-human species is permissible under the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA), it is vitally important that ELDU in food-producing animal species is consistent with FDA requirements as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 530.